Integrated marketing campaign delivers six-figure pipeline and 400 downloads in four weeks

MuleSoft’s technology offers a fundamentally different approach to connecting data and applications and solves many of the problems that have plagued the IT industry for decades. Focusing on this innovation had created interest and excitement within the IT community, who saw the potential to finally solve a multi-million dollar integration problem. To amplify this, Spark took on the challenge of putting its creative skills to the test: building a vertical story that would be relevant and interesting to prospective customers in retail, financial services, public sector and healthcare across core European markets.


Build a creative content platform that would be used for integrated marketing initiatives, from PR through to sales enablement, to highlight the true cost of the disconnect between data and systems.


Line of business audiences predominantly care about their customers’ concerns, while the C-Suite is clearly interested in anything impacting the bottom line. To tap into this, Spark and MuleSoft created a consumer research project – engaging MuleSoft’s prospects by sharing their customers’ insights on the impact of a disconnected experience and ultimately demonstrating the business need to better connect applications. Spark built a vertical campaign, with the storyboard and research questions carefully tailored for each audience. For example, the healthcare story focused on how patient outcomes or care had been impacted by lack of integration; for banking the story focused on how consumers would welcome Facebook or other market disruptors entering the industry; and for insurance the research revealed that consumers were prepared to share data in return for a more personalised experience. Spark created five individual press releases and a pan-European report.


While PR drove the story, seeing value across all marketing channels was key. The integrated marketing campaign was extremely successful: with the report downloaded over 400 times in two weeks. There were 700 registrations for the accompanying webinar, while MuleSoft presented the content at all of its flagship European events following the launch. Spark secured 25 pieces of UK media coverage in the first month, reaching a mix of enterprise IT and vertical titles including diginomica, IT Pro, Business Insider, Internet Retailing, Post Magazine, FSTech, Financial IT and LocalGov. By providing insight directly from customers through consumer research, MuleSoft has a powerful tool for engagement that will be used in a number of different marketing campaigns in retail, insurance, banking, public sector and healthcare. After just four weeks the campaign has already generated a six-figure pipeline.

  • Six-figure pipeline after four weeks
  • 400 report downloads in two weeks
  • 25 pieces of media coverage in first month