Using Integrated Marketing to Serve Up Customers

The service-based approach to business operations is not the most exciting topic, but it is becoming an expectation for employees in corporate environments. The challenge for Fruition Partners, a service management partner to the world’s leading organisations, was two-fold. First, to explain why businesses should be concerned about their failure to capitalise on a service-based approach. Secondly, to ensure they chose Fruition Partners to transform their businesses into a service-orientated organisation. As one of the earliest ServiceNow partners in the UK, Fruition wanted to use its first-mover advantage to help businesses identify and engage with the challenges they face.


To build an inbound marketing initiative that not only generated a buzz but would also give prospects a reason to talk to Fruition Partners.


Spark came up with a newsworthy campaign which gave Fruition a platform to communicate why businesses should care more about transforming into a service-based organisation; highlighting the employee productivity and motivation gains that would result. The Service Revolution (Everything-as-a-Service) Barometer is an evergreen content asset on the Fruition website. It is a highly effective pre-sales tool which enables prospects to understand and benchmark their own journey to becoming a service centric-organisation, against others in their sectors or of a similar size. From a media perspective, the results of the barometer provide an interesting snapshot of the state of the market by business type and size, and can be used for press releases, features, blogs, opinion articles and news hijacking.


Fruition doubled in size in the two years from starting integrated marketing initiatives, to the point it was acquired by CSC. In the previous eight years, the company had maintained consistent annual revenue but had experienced minimal growth. The Service Revolution barometer resulted in a 65% uplift in web traffic, almost 300 report downloads, and the number of active engagements with prospects reached double-digits. News coverage included Computer Weekly, Business Reporter and Cloud Pro; the core PR programme also saw the CEO of Fruition quoted in the Financial Times.

  • 65% uplift in web traffic
  • 300 report downloads
  • Financial Times coverage